Dr. Johnson studied at Ross University vet school, graduated in 2015 and says “Your biggest fan and advocate is yourself, so be confident!”.  She applied to vet school 3 years in a row before getting into Ross University and is now a practicing veterinarian.


Name, veterinary school attended, and year that you started.


Stephanie Johnson, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, 2011


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What was your major in undergrad?


Animal and Vet Science, Biology, and English. I did 3 degrees.



At what age did you first apply to vet school? 





How many application cycles did you apply to before being accepted to Ross University vet school?





How many schools did you apply to, before getting accepted to Ross University vet school?


6 for the 1st application cycle, 3 for the 2nd, and 2 for the 3rd.



How many schools invited you for an interview? 


One, Ross University vet school.


Getting into Ross University Vet school

How many of those gave you an acceptance letter?


Just Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine



Do you remember any specifically challenging interview questions at Ross University vet school?


They asked why my organic chemistry 2 grade was a “C”, and it wasn’t even required to get in.



What was your GPA (in undergraduate)?





What was your GRE score?


Average. I don’t remember the specific number.


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Did you attend grad school?





What types of paying jobs did you have before going to Veterinary School? 


I was a vet tech for 12 years, barista, Old Navy, nanny, housekeeper, and a floral shop sales associate.



Did you volunteer? If so, where? 


Yes, 4-H leader for a swine group.



When did you decide to become a Vet?


At 3 years old.



Did you interview any Vets before starting the application process? If so how did you approach them? 


No, I had worked with so many as a vet tech for 12 years, so I already knew a lot about vet school and the career.



Did you join student clubs/orgs in your DVM program?


Yes, I was in the Feral Cat Project Club and The American Association of Bovine Practitioners club.




Who gave you your letters of recommendation? Did you know them well?


I got them from veterinarians and professors. I knew them all really well.




Are you happy that you chose this career?


Yes, absolutely!



Do you have any advice for students thinking about attending Ross?


Balance rigorous study with hard play, and soak up the island life as much as possible.



Any study tips? 


Repetition, repetition, repetition! Take 5 minute breaks every 30-40 minutes.



Have there been any classes, within your DVM program that were especially relatable to your current position?


Internal Medicine & Surgery as well as Pathology.



What was the most challenging class, in your DVM program?


All of them were challenging for different reasons but virology was especially hard.




As a Doctor, have there been any particular cases that were your favorite? 


IMHA’s (hemolytic anemia) and foreign body obstructions.



Do you have a specialty or are you working towards one?





Tell me about a time when you had a challenging case.


There are no specific cases but generally difficult owners with unrealistic expectations can be quite a challenge.

Getting into Ross University Vet school


Do you frequently have to research cases, on off hours?


Yes, around 1-2 times per week.



Have you read or listened to anything worth sharing (doesn’t have to be Vet related)?


I love Dr. Andy Roark’s Facebook page



Do you have any last words of wisdom?


Don’t let people tell you that you aren’t smart, capable, or good enough to get into vet school. You are. Your biggest fan and advocate is yourself, so be confident!



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