Which Veterinary Colleges Require the GRE?

NEW UPDATED GRE REQUIREMENT LIST AS OF 2021. Some schools are temporarily relaxing the GRE requirement. This might become permanent in the future due to the COVID-19 health crisis. We will keep updating this list as necessary.


Not only have many schools removed their GRE requirement but now you are able to take the GRE at home. When taking the GRE at home you will need a GRE at-home whiteboard.

Here is the latest list of vet schools requiring the GRE.

The majority of the DVM programs DO  NOT require a GRE test score to be submitted. Taking the  GRE was a standard requirement for the majority of veterinary schools. Those days seem to be behind us. However, if you are applying to the few that still require it please take as many free GRE practice tests as possible! Remember to breathe deeply and relax on test day!

For example, both vet schools in NY do not require the GRE, however, some of the others do.

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The best way to study for the exam is to get familiar with the type of questions that you will encounter. Figuring out how many GRE practice tests to take is different for everyone.

The books by ETS (the people who write the GRE) will provide you with actual GRE examples. 
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GRE Requirements for Veterinary School
CollegeRequire the GRE?
Atlantic Veterinary College (UPEI)Yes (at this time)
University of ArizonaNo
University of CalgaryNo
University of California-DavisYes
Colorado State UniversityNo
Cornell UniversityYes
University College DublinNo
University of EdinburghYes
University of FloridaNo (as of 2019)
University of GeorgiaYes
University of GlasgowNo
University of Illinois-UrbanaYes
Iowa State UniversityNo (as of 2019)
Kansas State UniversityNo
Lincoln Memorial UniversityYes
Long Island UniversityNo
Louisiana State UniversityYes
Massey UniversityNo
University of MelbourneNo
Michigan State UniversityNo
Midwestern UniversityNo
University of MinnesotaYes (undecided)
Mississippi State UniversityNo
University of MissouriNo
North Carolina State UniversityNo
The Ohio State UniversityNo
Oklahoma State UniversityYes
Ontario Veterinary CollegeNo
Oregon State UniversityYes
University of PennsylvaniaYes (undecided)
Purdue UniversityNo
Ross University Yes (undecided)
Royal Veterinary CollegeNo
St. George’s UniversityYes (undecided)
University of TennesseeNo
Texas A&M UniversityYes (undecided)
Tufts UniversityYes
Tuskegee UniversityNo
Virginia‐Maryland RegionalNo
Washington State UniversityYes
Western University of Health SciencesYes
University of WisconsinNo

Take as many practice tests as you can. In order to succeed you will need to be familiar with the GRE test layout. There are so many strategies for succeeding on the GRE, some people don’t even realize that you can skip GRE questions and go back to them later.