The majority of the DVM programs DO require a GRE test score to be submitted. This does not have to be a stressful piece of information. Take as many free GRE practice tests as possible! Remember to breathe deeply and relax on test day!

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The best way to study for the exam is to get familiar with the type of questions that you will encounter. The books by ETS (the people who write the GRE) will provide you with actual GRE examples.









Here is a complete list of schools that do and don’t require the GRE!

College Require the GRE
Atlantic Veterinary College (UPEI) Yes
Auburn Yes
University of California-Davis Yes
Colorado State University Yes
Cornell University Yes
University of Florida No (as of 2019)
University of Georgia Yes
University of Illinois-Urbana Yes
Iowa State University No (as of 2019)
Kansas State University No (as of 2020)
Lincoln Memorial University Yes
Long Island U Yes
Louisiana State University Yes
Michigan State University No
Midwestern University Yes
University of Minnesota Yes
Mississippi State University No
University of Missouri Yes
North Carolina State University Yes
The Ohio State University No
Oklahoma State University Yes
Oregon State University Yes
University of Pennsylvania Yes
Purdue University No
Ross University Yes
St. George’s University Yes
University of Tennessee Yes
Texas A&M University Yes
Tufts University Yes
Tuskegee University Yes
Virginia‐Maryland Regional No
Washington State University Yes
Western University of Health Sciences Yes
University of Wisconsin Yes