Veterinary Student Scholarship

The scholarship is Closed. We will announce when it re-opens.

The Wolfie’s Place and How I Got Into Veterinary School Scholarship Fund.

ONE  $500 Scholarships will be awarded in December 2022, towards a veterinary college degree. This Veterinary Student Scholarship is simple to apply for and shouldn’t take up much of your time. One factor that helps you learn how many years it takes to become a veterinarian depends on how many cycles you apply. 

This veterinary student scholarship is open for current Veterinary students in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of vet school.

The application deadline is December 1st, 2022.   The winner will be notified by email and money disbursed by a check from Wolfie’s Place, LLC.

Please check back here in late 2022 for the winner announcement.

Scholarship Criteria

  1. Each nominee must have taken out some student loans for both undergrad and vet school.
  2. Must be enrolled in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year.
  3. The nominee must answer the questions, complete the essay, and sign the form.
  4. Each nominee must provide a current veterinary college transcript.
  5. Must be a US student, enrolled in an accredited veterinary college located in the United States. US students attending Ross or SGU, are welcome to apply.
  6. Email it to   subject should say “2022 COMPLETED SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION”


By applying for this scholarship, you are giving consent to allow us to use your personal information for the purpose of offering the scholarship.  We will not use your personal information for any other reasons.


Email the questionnaire, DOWNLOAD PDF HERE, a copy of your transcript, and essay with the subject line of the email saying “2022 COMPLETED SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION”.  Everything must be sent in one email.

Essay Questions: CHOOSE ONE please write between 500 and 1500 words

  • Describe something that you have learned in your veterinary curriculum; be as specific as you want.
  • Which class within your veterinary curriculum is most interesting and why?

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Veterinary Student Scholarship Winners

2022 Winner of Wolfie’s Place and How I got into the Veterinary School Scholarship Fund

Nia Powell NCSU Veterinary student

Nia Powell

North State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Nia Powell is a veterinary student who has found an untapped interest in zoo and lab animal medicine. Despite not having a prior interest in this area of veterinary medicine, Nia’s lab and zoo animal medicine class opened her eyes to the fascinating world. What made the course even more enjoyable for Nia was its hands-on approach which allowed her to practice concepts learned in class on different animals. From physical exams on frogs and anesthetizing koi fish to drawing blood from ferrets, Nia got to work with species she never imagined she would get to work with. Moreover, the course gave her an opportunity to connect with faculty members whom she had not had a chance to interact with before. Overall, Nia describes the course as one of her favorites so far in their curriculum due to the invaluable experience gained and connections made.

2020 Winner of the Wolfie’s Place and How I got into Veterinary School Scholarship Fund

2020 veterinary student scholarship winner

 Eunice Vintila

Ross University College of Veterinary Medicine

Eunice made a choice to focus on science classes in high school to make her dream of becoming a veterinarian a reality. Despite a generational gap, she made the choice to become the first in her family to go to college. In addition to running her own clinic, Eunice wishes to become a deployable member of the National Veterinary Response Team in order to be able to help her community in times of disasters. Eunice looks forward to being an active community leader wherever she ends up, engaging the philosophy of one health beyond the clinic.

2019 Winner of the Wolfie’s Place and How I got into Veterinary School Scholarship Fund

Tracy Nguyen Western University student and 2019 scholarship winner

Tracy Nguyen

Western University of Health Sciences

Tracy’s parents went through a lot of turmoil before and while arriving in America. Tracy says “My family’s story of escaping war, and successfully building a life for their family in a new country, is the reason why I can become a veterinarian.” Tracy wants to bring pet care to a wider range of underserved communities like minorities and low-income people.

Elizabeth Hilton - in white DVM coat and her yellow tan dog with floppy ears

Elizabeth Hilton

 Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine

Elizabeth attends Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine and has a long-term goal of working at a private practice as a large animal veterinarian. Elizabeth says “Behind every human-animal bond, there is a veterinarian that ensures it lives on for years to come. I want to continue that legacy.”