Kevin Ruiz Veterinary large animal Experience Hours

Veterinary Experience Is an Important Component to Getting into Vet School

Getting into veterinary school and becoming a veterinarian is not an easy task, but with hard work and dedication, it can definitely be accomplished!  Kevin made his dream of becoming
A view overlooking St. Georges. Veterinary Medicine.

Three Years of Veterinary Courses at SGU and Colleen is almost a Vet!

St. George’s University, (AVMA accredited) on the island of Grenada has a great veterinary program where you can take veterinary courses towards your DVM degree. The average cumulative GPA for SGU

How Hard Is It to Get into Vet School?

How hard is it to get into vet school?   There are numerous factors that contribute to a vet school acceptance letter. GPA, GRE scores, unique experiences, veterinary experience, how well