Grenada vet student Brittney Kilgore and a Maine Coon!

Grenada Vet School – In Depth Interview With Brittney Kilgore!

Interview with a Grenada Vet School Student!   St. George’s is a fully accredited US college of veterinary medicine on the island of Grenada. As a graduating student, you earn
coating ceremony at csu, Yoshua Goodman

An In Depth Guide into One Students Journey to Becoming a CSU Vet School Student

Before getting into CSU vet school, Yoshua’s unique experiences helped shaped him into the vet student that gained acceptance to 7 veterinary medical colleges. Find out why he ultimately chose
Book recommendations during the lock down

Book Recommendations During the Covid-19 Pandemic!

Books Recommended by the Veterinarians Interviewed on the Blog During each interview, I ask the veterinarian or vet student if there are any books that they would recommend. During this
Billie Ciotti, Midwestern University Veterinary student

Billie is in the 2nd Year at Midwestern University!

 Name, veterinary school attended, and year that you started. Billie Ciotti, Midwestern University College of Veterinary Medicine, started August 2018. Who are the animals that you currently share your life
A gap year just might be worth it!

Caitlin’s Unique Experiences Helped Set Her Apart from the Other Applicants!

In this interview with Caitlin, you will learn how to directly strengthen your application if you do not gain admittance the first time around. Among other things, Caitlin invigorated her
David a former veterinary assistant and now a DVM student and his dog.

From Veterinary Assistant to DVM! Follow Your Dreams!

David’s Veterinary Assistant Job in College, Helped Give Him the Necessary Veterinary Experience Hours Required By VMCAS   David started out as a veterinary assistant in undergrad. Becoming a veterinary
a university of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Student assisting with a surgery

University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Student Interview

A Lengthy Interview with a University of Florida Veterinary Medical School Student! The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is the only veterinary school in Florida. Allison had amazing
Dr Magnifico (veterinarian entrepreneur) and a dog

Dr. Magnifico Went From Merchant Marine to Veterinarian to Entrepreneur

Dr. Magnifico Had a Non-Traditional Path Before and After Vet School! It is rare to find a veterinarian that started a blog 8+ years ago and sticks with it. Dr.
Caribbean vet school on St. Kitts Island

Why a Caribbean Vet School Can Be the Right Choice

Meg chose to go to Ross, which is a Caribbean vet school. She received the acceptance letter before the VMCAS cycle was even open. So like a few other Caribbean
Veterinary Student Kate Llamas

Meet Kate, an Iowa State University Student in the DVM-MPH Program!

Our First Interview with an Iowa State University Student! Meet Kate Alucard, she is a dual-degree student (DVM-MPH) within Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Kate will graduate from Iowa
Ben Singh and Husky at Ohio State Vet School

Our First Interview with a Student from The Ohio State University Veterinary College

Benjamin attends The Ohio State University vet school, he didn’t apply to vet school right away. He waited 1 and a half years after completing his B.A., to find out
Ross Vet School Dr. Bailey and another student at Ross

Bailey is a Happy Ross University Vet School Graduate!

Ross vet school keeps improving and adding new facilities each year. This year they opened a brand new research and pathology building which goes hand in hand with Ross University’s
Kayla Mehan an LMU veterinary medical student with a shelter dog

Yes, It Is Possible to Get into Vet School with a 3.2 GPA! Getting Veterinary Experience Hours is an Important Factor!

Kayla Mehan has been preparing for veterinary school almost her whole life! She has been gaining veterinary experience hours since she was 16 but believes it was the volunteer work
Lap Of Love Dr Dani McVety with a dog on her lap

Interview with Lap of Love’s founder Dr. Dani McVety

Lap of Love’s founder, Dr. Dani McVety will give you insights into how she came up with an idea that has changed the face of the veterinary end of life
University of Missouri vet student, Riley Newson in her scrubs

What Helped Riley get into Two Veterinary Schools on her First Try?

The University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Has a Unique Curricula Structure. The University of Missouri vet students will experience high tech computer-based classrooms and labs during years one
Kevin Ruiz Veterinary large animal Experience Hours

Veterinary Experience Is an Important Component to Getting into Vet School

Getting into veterinary school and becoming a veterinarian is not an easy task, but with hard work and dedication, it can definitely be accomplished!  Kevin made his dream of becoming
A view overlooking St. Georges. Veterinary Medicine.

Three Years of Veterinary Courses at SGU and Colleen is almost a Vet!

St. George’s University, (AVMA accredited) on the island of Grenada has a great veterinary program where you can take veterinary courses towards your DVM degree. The average cumulative GPA for SGU

How Hard Is It to Get into Vet School?

How hard is it to get into vet school?   There are numerous factors that contribute to a vet school acceptance letter. GPA, GRE scores, unique experiences, veterinary experience, how well
Emily Pope at The University of Minnesota with gordito

Read How Emily Got into the Dual DVM/PhD Program at UMN

The University of Minnesota has a dual PhD/DVM program. This rigorous program at the University of Minnesota is one that can prepare you for a career in academia or private
Ross University graduate Dr. Maresca and her goldendoodle Buckley

Another Happy Ross University Graduate!

Ross University graduates spend the first 7 semesters on the island of St. Kitts. In their 7th semester, Ross University students participate in seeing client-owned animals at the RUSVM hospital. This
lady on horse Colorado State University DVM program

Thinking About Colorado State University?

The Colorado State University DVM program admits around 128 students each year.  They also offer many post DVM-PhD degrees as well.  Take a look at this “meet the residents” page
non traditional student at vet school

This Non Traditional Student Got into 3 Vet Schools!

This Non Traditional Student Got into 3 Vet Schools on Her First Try! Amy is a non traditional student and began her undergrad studies at age 29. She maintained a
How to become a veterinarian and find a unique career path after vet school.

How to Become a Veterinarian and Advance into a Unique Career

Dr. K has a ton of advice on how to become a veterinarian. She wanted to use her DVM degree in a creative and useful way and is doing just
Interview with a licensed veterinary technician

Christopher Went from a Licensed Veterinary Technician to a Student at LMU

Why Did Chris Choose to Become a  Licensed Veterinary Technician Before Applying to Any Vet Schools? Christopher Moyer started out as a licensed veterinary technician, (LVT) and after applying to
Getting into Ross University School of Vet med

Stephanie Got into Ross University Vet School After Applying 3 Years in a Row

Dr. Johnson studied at Ross University vet school, graduated in 2015 and says “Your biggest fan and advocate is yourself, so be confident!”.  She applied to vet school 3 years
Colorado State University Nora Nealon DVM/PhD program

In Depth Interview with Nora Who Is in the DVM/PhD Program at CSU

The DVM/PhD program at Colorado State University entails a rigorous 7-8 years of study. Nora was the first person in her family to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, she was valedictorian
How to get into veterinary college.

Tobi Applied to Her In-State Veterinary College and Got in on the First Try

Getting into a veterinary college, especially your top choice is not an easy task. Tobi dedicated a lot of time and hours into volunteering, researching an undergrad thesis paper on
Penn vet How to get into veterinary school

Dr. Klein Is a Penn Vet Graduate, and Was Accepted to 4 Schools

This is our first interview with a Penn vet graduate. Dr. Klein got accepted to 4 vet schools and chose The University of Pennsylvania. As a Penn vet graduate, you
St. George's University, Interview with a veterinary student

35 Questions with a Vet Student Who Attends St. George’s University

St. George’s University is on the island of Grenada and is NOT one of the most expensive vet schools. To see a price comparison of veterinary schools, take a look
UGA vet school, how to get into veterinary school FB

Kim Applied to Two Schools and Got into UGA Vet School on Her First Try

Kim had a lot of veterinary experience prior to her acceptance into UGA vet school. Her focus was on food animal production medicine, where she had paying jobs, attended conferences