How to Thank Your Veterinarian and Leave a Positive Impact

Plus a list of veterinarian gifts that the whole staff will love!

If you are wondering how to thank your veterinarian, you are in the right place. We will go over many veterinarian gifts and how to write a veterinary thank you letter. 

 Veterinarians are empaths in the truest sense of the word. They go through an intense doctoral program to get licensed to care for people’s pets. During the entire pandemic, the veterinarians were there for your pets, sure you weren’t able to be in the exam room during the height of COVID, but the veterinary professionals were still there caring for your sick pets through it all.

There is an increasing nationwide shortage of veterinarians, and it makes sense that they just opened up two more veterinary schools on the east coast, one in NJ and one on Long Island. 

Veterinarians are committing suicide in alarming numbers; veterinarians are under a lot of pressure from clients. Many clients think they are just “in it for the money,” which is preposterous even to consider. When a veterinary doctor cannot save your pet, it can make a lasting toll on their mental health.

Veterinarians graduate from veterinary school with 150-400K in debt. How many years of college to be a vet can vary. There are no grants to pay for veterinary school; most students have to take out loans. To constantly defend themselves against clients who accuse them of being “in it for the money” can take a severe toll on one’s mental health. Not only that, but the constant euthanasia can also take a toll making the dark and challenging parts of this job seem overwhelming.

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Here Are Some Unique Ideas for How to Thank A Veterinarian

Whether you need gifts for the entire veterinary office or just a good gift for your favorite veterinarian – we can help!

carolina dog and treeing walker at a veterinary office in NYC

#1 Write a Review – #1 Way for “How to Thank Your Veterinarian!”

Go onto Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, Nextdoor, Facebook, or any other site that allows users to review businesses and leave a 5-star review. Write specific details in the review to enable others to see how stellar your vet is. Make sure you name your favorite veterinarian too. Whether they work at practice with multiple veterinarians or the practice owner, the review will genuinely make a difference in their lives. Too many people only think about writing a review when they are unhappy. The impact a positive review can have on one veterinarian’s day-to-day life is astounding. So get out there and start writing 5-star reviews for all your favorite veterinarians!

#2 Send Coffee – Great Veterinary Staff Appreciation

Most veterinarians have long days, and when they finish seeing patients, they still have to write reports and research cases. Sending some excellent coffee like La Colombe will brighten their day after a long grueling shift. Make sure to include a thank you note to the vet and mention your pet so they know who sent them coffee.

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#3 Thank You, Card, for Your Veterinarian

Put together a thank you card with photos of your pet. An appreciation thank you letter is an easy way for veterinarians to see how much you appreciate caring for your furry family members. When a veterinarian dedicates their whole career to helping others, they will be more than happy to learn that they made a positive impact on your life. Let them know all of the ways that they had a positive influence on you and your pet’s life.

Even though it may seem like just a simple thank you card to your vet, it is so much more. Writing a heartfelt appreciation thank you letter to your veterinarian will potentially make a substantial positive impact on their life. Believe me when I say is one they will cherish that thank you card and remember it when they have a hard day.

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#4 Chocolate for the Staff

Remember that veterinarians are not just people who work alone; an entire veterinary professional team is behind the scene. These include vet techs, front desk, and kennel attendants; even though it may seem like just a simple thank you card to your vet, it is so much more. That takes care of your pet. The veterinary assistants and staff members might like some chocolate to help them get through their long days too. Chocolate is one of those treats that most staff members will enjoy. If you get this Tony Chocolonely variety pack, there will be some vegan options in there as well.

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#5 Bakery Delivery – Great Veterinary Staff Appreciation

Pick a local bakery and ask them to deliver an assortment of treats to the veterinary office. By doing this, you are supporting two local businesses. It is a win-win situation because you get to help out your vet and the local bakery. Make sure to include a little note with this gift too! Trust me, they will appreciate it more than you might think.

#6 Gift Card to a Local Restaurant

Since veterinarians work long hours, they will greatly appreciate a gift card to a local restaurant. They can help us with this gift card in so many ways. They can get a takeout meal on their way home from work or have a friend join them for dinner. Remember that veterinarians work long hours and often miss out on lunch breaks. Getting them a gift card to s local restaurant will allow them to get out of the office and enjoy some time away from work. This gift is all about celebrating the veterinarian. Like the local bakery idea, you will be supporting two local businesses again!

#7 Stethoscope

Send them a new veterinary stethoscope. You will not usually see a veterinarian without a stethoscope around their neck. It is one of their most essential tools for diagnosing pets. The stethoscope that veterinarians use is the same ones that MDs use, and they are usually pretty expensive. Having a new veterinary stethoscope around the office is always a good thing; it will allow the vet techs and vet assistants to use one. Some veterinary offices provide stethoscopes for their staff, and as you can imagine, that can get pricey.

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#8 Toys For Their Pet

Find out what kind of pet your veterinarian has and send them a box of toys and treats. I know for a fact that veterinarians love their pets just as much as you do. So send them a gift basket full of goodies for their best friend. Everyone who has a dog knows how to destroy a dog toy in minutes. If your veterinarian has a dog, they will appreciate any good dog toy! What matters is your gesture of showing them how much you appreciate their support, not what kind of toys you choose. If you are still wondering how to thank your veterinarian, then keep reading!

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#9 Coffee or Tea Mug That is Leak Proof

We love the vacuum insulated Thermos brand; the best feature is that you can push a button with one hand, and the lid pops off with a hinge. Having this feature is helpful when a veterinarian spends their day multi-tasking. The great thing is that they can put a hot or cold drink in the thermos. It is essential to have a coffee or tea mug that they can throw into their bag and not fear it leaking.

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#10 Write Them a Review – How to Thank Your Veterinarian!

Yes, we include this twice on the list because it is just that important. When veterinarians go to work, they don’t do it for the money or fame. They go into veterinary medicine because of their passion for pets and helping pet parents just like you! The reason that we have a list of gifts is not really about finding a perfect gift for your veterinarian. It’s more about showing your appreciation. There Weis no better way than to leave a stellar review on common review platforms like Google or Yelp.

How to thank a veterinary office?

Many of our gift ideas above will work great for a veterinary office. Some treats from a local bakery will brighten the entire staff’s day! Another thing to consider is to write a review for the whole office, not just specifically your veterinarian. Most veterinary offices fear bad reviews, so writing a 5-star review will get the entire office in a good mood.

Thank You Letter To Veterinarian Samples – Thank You Words for Veterinarians

Below are some examples of the best thank you notes to vets after death.

“Thanks for all your support and help when our dog was sick. We truly hold dear everything you did for us, and we are so grateful for your kind words. Thanks again!”

“Thank you so much for all your empathy and help during the difficult time following the death of my cat. You were so kind and compassionate when we came in to see you about our concerns with her health, and it meant a lot that you took the time to listen to us even though we weren’t bringing her in for an appointment. During this painful time, we appreciate all the help you gave us. Thank you again!”

“Thank you for all the help, empathy, and care you gave us during our time of grief. You were kind and patient with us as we struggled to decide whether to put our dog to sleep or not. We really appreciated your advice on how best to care for her in her final moments at home, and we’re glad that she was able to die surrounded by love instead of alone in a cold hospital room. Thank you again for everything!”

More Thank You Letter Samples for Veterinarians

“When our bird died, it was hard to find the right words to express our gratitude and appreciation. We appreciate your empathy while going above and beyond for us. We hope you enjoy the cookies!”

“Thank you for all the help and support you gave us during our time of grief. You were so thoughtful and patient with us as we struggled to make the decision to put our dog down. We really appreciated your advice on how best to care for our dog in her final moments at home, and we’re glad that she was able to die surrounded by love. Thank you again for everything!”

“As you know, our animals are our life. It goes without saying that they are a part of our family, and having to make the excruciatingly brutal decision to put them down was the most painful thing we have ever gone through. Thank you for making it just a slight bit easier, and thank you for all of your kindness throughout the entire process.”

How do you address a veterinarian?

You can address them as “Doctor _________”, you can also call them “Doc”, another way is to say “Doc ___________”. You can also ask your veterinarian how they want you to address them, or if they have ever sent you an email with your pet’s results, check how they signed their name. Checking their email signature can be a good way to learn how they want people to address them.

Final Thoughts for How to Thank A Veterinarian

If you are looking for the perfect veterinarian gifts, consider one of these ideas. There are many ways that you can show appreciation to your veterinarians. Writing a review online is one of the simplest ways.  An assessment will also help other people learn what makes this particular veterinary office great. If reviewing is not your thing, send a thank you card with a gift basket from a local bakery or some cold brew coffee that the whole staff can enjoy. No matter what gift you select will be sure to brighten up your veterinarian’s day.

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