Kim had a lot of veterinary experience prior to her acceptance into UGA vet school. Her focus was on food animal production medicine, where she had paying jobs, attended conferences for agriculture, and held executive positions for some undergraduate clubs. She was accepted into UGA vet school before completing her Bachelor’s degree!

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Name, veterinary school attended, and year that you started.

My name is Kim, and I attend the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. I am in the first semester of my first year (2017). I am a member of the Class of 2021!


Who are the animals that you currently share your life with?

I currently share life with a cocker spaniel named Carter and many other horses and dogs back home.


UGA vet school, how to get into veterinary school.

Where did you attend undergrad and what was your major?

I attended undergrad for three years at Clemson University (GO Tigers!). My major was animal science with a pre-veterinary concentration.


At what age did you first apply to vet school? 

I first applied when I was 20 years old.


How many schools/application cycles did you apply to before being accepted?

Only one!


Were you waitlisted at any schools?



How many schools invited you for an interview? 

I applied to two schools. Mississippi State University and UGA. I got an interview at Mississippi (UGA does not do interviews).


How many of those gave you an acceptance letter?



Since you were accepted to UGA as well as Mississippi State University, what were some reasons in why you chose UGA vet school?

Being close to home was of high priority for me (South Carolina). I chose UGA vet school for that reason. I also liked their new teaching hospital and program much more than Mississippi’s.


Do you remember any specifically challenging interview questions?

Yes- I applied for food animal medicine (with swine experience). I was asked if I could give an example of an ecological impact experienced outside of the USA that had to do with the swine industry.


What was your GPA (in undergraduate)?



What was your GRE score?



For some free GRE study tools, check out our article.

Did you apply to vet school after, or during your Bachelor’s education?



Did you attend grad school?


UGA vet school, how to get into veterinary school

How many extracurricular activities did you list on your application?

I had several listed. I held executive positions for two clubs and helped to found one of them. I was also heavily invested in the agriculture conferences held around the nation.


Did you have exotic, large and small animal experience prior to applying to veterinary school?

I had large, small, and food animal production medicine experience.


What types of paying jobs did you have before getting into UGA vet school? 

Veterinary assistant, production management intern, veterinary technician, horse riding lesson instructor to camp kids. (If you want to buy a gift for the vet tech in your life, check out our list of GREAT gift ideas!)

 UGA vet school, how to get into veterinary school

Did you volunteer? If so, where? 

Yes- humane societies and one children’s home


How many people read your personal statement before submitting it?



When did you decide to become a vet?

 I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I was a small child.


Did you interview any vets before starting the application process? 



Were you a member of any clubs at your undergraduate school? If so, which ones?

Swine club, Block and Bridle Club


Did you join student clubs in your DVM program? If so, which ones? Were they helpful?

I am still picking them out! I do think they will enhance my time here greatly.



Who gave you your letters of recommendation? Did you know them well?

I did know them pretty well. I had two veterinarians, the Human Resources department head for the branch of swine production I worked in, and one professor.


Did you find the application process stressful? Why or why not?

Not really. It was a lot of information to explain, but it wasn’t difficult.


Are you happy that you chose this career? What makes you most happy about this career choice?

I am very happy that I chose this career. No other work experience has been as rewarding as the veterinary field has been for me. I am happy that I can work to improve the lives of animals each day whether they are pets or production animals.


Do you have any advice for students, once accepted?

Make the most of your summer before veterinary school starts. Be aware that you will most likely never stay ahead or even be caught up on studying. Just work at it a little bit each day, and it will come together. Stay in touch with the people that lift you up and try to find a work/life balance.

 UGA vet school, how to get into veterinary school

As you complete your first semester at UGA vet school do you have any study tips? 

Take it one day at the time and do not wait to cram for exams.


What have been some of your favorite classes, within your DVM program at the University of Georgia?

So far, I have really enjoyed Physical Diagnosis (live animals, yay!). I have also enjoyed our Bacteriology class as it is very relevant to any veterinary profession.


What has been the most challenging class, in your DVM program so far?

Anatomy is tough. I have heard the hardest class is up next semester- neuroanatomy.


As a student, did you have to take out loans for your education? If so, are you concerned about the amount of debt you will have after graduation?

Yes- I am a little worried. I have already looked into various payback programs available to me, and I will apply for all the scholarships I can. I don’t wish for a luxurious lifestyle, so I think I’ll be fine.


Is there anything in particular about your DVM program or the school itself that you like?

The faculty here at UGA vet school are amazing. They all care about your class work as well as your life outside of school. Clinicians are happy to teach, and our new teaching hospital is incredible!


Do you have any advice for students thinking about attending your UGA vet school?

Do it!



At this point do you think you will have a specialty?

I am unsure right now. I am open to it though!


As a student have you had any challenging cases yet?




Have you read or listened to anything worth sharing? 

The podcasts that the AVMA put out around application time are helpful.

I also highly recommend reading John O’Leary’s book- On Fire before school starts.


Do you have any last words of wisdom?

You are bound to get discouraged, but it will be worth the time and work invested. Never lose sight of the passion you had to begin with.


How can people find you? 

You can email me!