The Best Science Podcasts

Everyone loves binge-worthy podcasts!  Only some of us are nerdy enough to want to listen to the best science podcasts listed below! In addition to being some of the best science podcasts out there, they WILL also make you smarter! If you are a science major, or just love to learn the following science-related podcasts will make time fly. These are the best science podcasts that I’ve listened to. If you know of any others that I might like, please leave a link in the comments! I own a scent detection company called Doctor Sniffs Bed Bug Dogs, and I am stuck in NYC traffic driving between bed bug inspections all day long. Being able to listen to educational podcasts makes the NYC traffic bearable.

Who doesn’t want to appear smarter than they actually are? These 8 science podcasts will not only make you smarter, but give you a wealth of topics to discuss with others.

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Have you been looking for something to listen to while driving, cooking, or working out? If you are not learning, do you sometimes feel like you are wasting time? I love to learn, and prefer to listen to podcasts that will make me smarter! The following list of science related podcasts will not fail you. You will find yourself listening to all of the episodes and then getting sad because there are no more left! You will gain so much knowledge after listening to the best science podcasts!



More Importantly, Let’s get to the List of The Best Science Podcasts!


Host: Alie Ward

I think that Ologies podcast just might  have a cult following, but this is a good thing! Just look at the Facebook group! Each episode dives deep into a person, their career, and their particular ology. Biology majors, Chemistry majors, and really just about any interested in people will fall in love with Ologies. But wait, you don’t have to be a science major to fall in love with Ologies because many of the Ologies featured are from all kinds of disciplines.

My two favorite episodes so far were Acarology and Disease Ecology (Lyme/tick borne illnesses). Keep in mind, I have only listed to about 25 episodes, there are over 100 as of this month. It is intriguing to listen to how each guest  got interested in their ology and how they made a career out of it. The host Alie Ward, is an Emmy award-winning science correspondent.  Not only does she have a gift for interviewing people and getting them to talk about their career, but she also  makes the listener want to know more!

Alie Ward Ologies: the best science podcast

Are you thinking about a career change? Ologies will give you so many ideas and you’ll start day dreaming about starting a whole new life!

If you don’t listen to anything else on this list, please listen to Ologies, one of the best science podcasts out there!

Some episode topics:

-Biogerontology (AGING) with Caleb Finch

-Cynology (DOGS) with Brandon McMillan


Take Learning to a Whole New Level and Subscribe to ologies: the best science podcast out there NOW!


Science Friday

Host: Ira Flatow

Science Friday is a classic, moreover, if you haven’t heard this excellent science podcast, then stop everything and subscribe now. Given that its an excellent time-honored science show and notably has been around as a radio program since the 1990s. As a result of listening you will find out all of the latest weekly science related news. Science Friday: best science podcast for roadtrips


Granted when I hear Ira’s voice it’s almost as if I’m listening to an old friend. Consequently because throughout many happy and sad times,  this show has always been a constant in my life.


Science topics that you can expect on this show include things like

-How mosquitoes distinguish the scent of a human from other mammals.

-Researchers at MIT translating proteins into music.

-The complex genome of cephalopods and how studying their genetics can lead to insights into human health.

Science Friday used to be a Radio Program Back When People still Listened to the Radio! Now It’s One of the Best Science Podcasts Out There!

K9 Talking Scents Podcast

Host: Cameron Ford

Do you love dogs and find yourself intrigued on how they perform scent detection work? Even if you never thought about scent detection dogs before, after listening to this  podcast you will see these animals and humans in a whole new light. If you are interested in learning about the sport of nose work or are already a professional dog handler each episode will leave you with a wealth of knowledge. That is to say, so much knowledge that you will want to relisten to each episode. To emphasize, dogs are used to detect cancer, bed bugs, explosives, molds, termites, drugs, invasive species, human remains, and the list will continue to grow.


There are whole groups of researchers and scientists worldwide studying the science of scent detection. The host, Cameron Ford, aims to connect the working dogs handlers with the science community who studies the various niches. K9 scent detection podcast

Equally important you will begin to understand all of the intensive training and research that goes on behind the scenes of every working scent detection dog! Even those dogs who  just do it for fun in the sport of nose-work, have so much training and research to back them up! Particulary each episode interviews professionals in the field. Particularly you will hear from ex military K9 handlers, a Doctor from Duke University, a researcher on canine olfaction and more.

Some episode topics:

-Science of Odor

-Canine Cognition on Detection Dogs with Dr. Brian Hare



Science Magazine Podcast

This is one of my new favorites, because of the fact that like Science Friday, it covers news going on in current events related to science. If you feel lost in the world and want to maximize your knowledge about current science research then do not skip this podcast. All in all it is easy to listen to, and each episode covers 2-3 topics in depth. Best science news podcast

Given these points you will gain just enough info on each science related topic to be able to discuss it with a friend or colleaugue.

Examples of topics you can expect:

-Scientists are studying the genome of a canine venereal cancer.

-Can we inherit trauma from our ancestors? The answer based on research evidence seems to be a “yes”.



Hosts: Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich Radiolab hosts: one of the best science podcasts out there!

Radiolab has won many awards (especially for the best science podcast) and if you are already a fan then you know why. With that being said, if you haven’t heard of it, what are waiting for and where have you been?! LOL! Download it now! To illustrate they combine science, investigative journalism, and stories, therefore the end product make for a really interesting science podcast.  More importantly, this podcast will make you re-think the way you see the world, and for that alone it is amazing! adiolab one of the best science podcast out there!


The hosts also get you to truly empathize with the guests while experiencing a topic in a whole new light! Above all, learning and being able to see things from another person’s perspective is so imperative to gaining knowledge and being an empathetic human being. There is such an extensive back cataglog of interesting epidsodes to listen to. Their storytelling is genius, they have a way of sucking you in and making you feel things that you didn’t realize were possible. 

Start with this classic episode titled Saving Animals.

Examples of topics you can expect:



What’s Your Favorite Radiolab Episode? Leave a REPLY!

The Naked Scientists

Hosts: University of Cambridge Researchers

In a similar manner as some of the other weekly news shows The Naked Scientists podcast is put out by Cambridge. Here you will learn about the latest scientific research projects. First and foremost this is all accomplished with a touch of British humor. The team behind The Naked Scientists podcast consist of Physics PhD’s, Zoology professors, aerospace PhD’s and more. If you want to gain knowledge from highly educated hosts this podcast will make you smarter! The Naked Scientist;As a unique feature they also have a question and answer session, where they answer listeners science related questions like:

-How do Huskies stay cool?

-Why can fertile people struggle to conceive?

Some best science podcast episode titles are:

-Alzheimer’s Disease: Facts and Fiction

-How to hijack a brain


Nerd Out With The Naked Scientists!

In Defense of Plants Podcast

Host: Matt

Plants, plants, plants! Indeed plants are everywhere, so why not learn about them through the eyes of a scientist who studies them?  Whether you an avid gardener, just have a few house plants, or are a budding botanist, this podcast will fill your brain with all kind of plant facts. More importantly, in their intro, they say they are here to “cure plant blindness around the globe”. With this in mind, that is a perfect description. Above all what I love is that each episode focuses on 1 type of plant.


The host interviews and talks with a Professional or Professor who studies that plant. Specifically, you will learn so much about common plants like milkweed, that you never knew before. Best science podcast about plants


If you want to  learn about plants from groups of scientists who study them then this one is for you! The world is full of amazing plant stories and this podcast is here to tell them!

Some of the best science podcast episode titles are:

-Oaks: Insights into Evolution & Ecology

-Plants of the Caribbean

If you Love Medicine and Animals, Why Not Dream About What it Could Have Been Like Had You Gone to Veterinary School. 

Vet School Unleashed

Host: Seth Williams

With over 80 million households having pets in the US, just about anyone can relate to this podcast. Do you know how difficult it is to get into veterinary school? Consequently, the competition is high, and this podcast aims to unite the prospective vet community with students and Doctors who have already gone through the process.  Ordinarily, each episode of Vet School Unleashed interviews a veterinary student or a DVM, on a topic. Even if you don’t want to go to veterinary school but are just curious about veterinarians and some of their struggles, this podcast will keep you entertained and more importantly educated.

Some of the episodes titles are:

-Lemurs & Tortoises & Budgies, Oh My!

-What It’s Like Taking the NAVLE Twice, Pro Study Tips, and Facing Adversity



To sum up, these are 8 of the best science podcasts out there. With this in mind, if you know of another science related podcast please leave a link in the comments. Secondly reply in the comments what your favorite science episodes are.