We are featuring an interview with a Pakistani vet student, who is studying vet med at a University in Pakistan. His parents wanted him to become an MD, not a DVM, he stayed true to his love and passion for animals, which allowed him to pursue his dream and in turn be one happy vet student.

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My name is Sohrab Khan and I am a 19-year-old DVM student. In Pakistan, about 90% of young people are forced to become veterinarians. Only 10% of young people go into the veterinary field by choice; I am one of them….

Here, the majority of parents want their children to become a human doctor. A vet can become a human doctor if they go through medical school. Every year, about 30,000 students in our province, take the “M-Stats” or the medical field required tests to go into that field. Only 1500 are selected from that huge number….. The remaining student’s go into a different sector within the medical field and some of those are forced to become veterinarians.

Like other students parents, both my Mom, Dad and also, my relatives, wanted me to become a medical student. But I did not care; I love the veterinary field. I submitted my form and my name came up on the merit list.

My family told me that they believed I would be sad and regretful. I told them that I refuse to go into any other career choice, but the veterinary field. Since pursuing my dream, my parents have jumped on board and agree that this career choice, of vet med, is a very good one.

My advice to students and parents is that the medical community is not the only career option. There are many others that are successful and diverse. The veterinary field is my dream and I believe that if I work hard and put all my effort into my studies, this business, and my love for animals, I will be a success.

Becoming a Veterinarian in Pakistan

Name, Veterinary School attended, and year that you started.

  • Sohrab Khan, The University Of Agriculture Peshawar I started studying veterinary medicine on January 9, 2017.

Who are the animals that you currently share your life with?

  • I have two heads of cattle with two calves.
vet med

Where did you attend undergrad and what was your major?

  • My Undergrad was The Quaid e Azam Group of colleges Kp and my major was Biology.

At what age did you first apply to a Veterinary University? 

  • I was 18 when I applied for a Veterinary University.

How many schools/application cycles did you apply to before being accepted?

  • I applied to three different schools before I got accepted to this one.

How many vet schools should I apply to? This is a question that each individual person has to decide for themselves, there is no right or wrong amount.

How many Universities invited you for an interview? 

  • I was invited for two interviews. One from The Agriculture University Peshawar and the other Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University

How many of those gave you an acceptance letter?

  • One, The University that accepted me was The Agriculture University Peshawar.

If you were accepted to more than one school, what were some reasons in your choice of school?

  • If I had been accepted to more then one university then the reason behind my choice would have been that this university is near to my home, the teachers give lectures in my native tongue which is easy to understand it is one of the top universities in Pakistan.

Do you remember any specifically challenging interview questions?

  • I did not have any difficulty answering the questions because in Pakistan they only asked about my parents and asked me about where I come from.

 Did you have exotic, large and small animal experience prior to applying to veterinary school?

  • I had experience with cattle, birds, cats, and dogs.

What types of paying jobs did you have before going to Veterinary School? 

  • I have no paying job experience

Did you volunteer? If so, where? 

  • Yes, I did the cleaning of our mosque, as a volunteer.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to be a vet, hen did you decide to become a vet?

  • I was 7 years old when I decided to that I wanted to become a veterinarian.

Did you find the application process stressful? Why or why not?

  • Yes, I found the application process to be very stressful because of the following reasons:
  1. The online application for veterinary medicine is very difficult.
  2. Submission of fees into the bank.
  3. Checking of the merit list on the website every day and whether or not your name is on merit list.
  4. Submission of university fees is very difficult.

Are you happy that you chose this career? What makes you most happy about this career choice?

  • I am very happy that I chose this career because it is my dream and being able to fulfill my dream in veterinary practical work makes me happier each day.

Do you have any advice for students, once accepted?

  • Some advice for any students is that the veterinary field is a very interesting field when you enter this field your heart will automatically feel very happy. This field gives you everything that you want but the most important thing is that you must study hard the study of DVM is a little bit tough.

vet med and how to get in

Any study tips? 

  • The study tips for getting a DVM is that you must learn and clear your concept on every lecture and study every lecture every day do not ever think that you must enjoy yourself all semester and on the night before an exam, you study. Being in a DVM program is not one-night of  study, it’s the studying on an everyday basis…

 What has been the most challenging class, in your DVM program so far?

  • Histology is the most challenging class for me in my DVM program.

What has been your favorite class so far?

  • My favorite classes are biochemistry, livestock, and poultry. If you spend time working outdoors during classes learning about cattle, get a waterproof backpack for college.

As a student, did you have to take out loans for your education? If so, are you concerned about the amount of debt you will have after graduation?

  • As a student, I did not have to take out loan, my father is a farmer, works hard, and pays for my fees. It is difficult for him. If I were the son of poor father then I would have to take out loans for my education. If that was the case then I would be very concerned about the amount of debt I will have after graduation.
Vet med

At this point do you think you will have a specialty?

  • I want to become a surgeon of animals.

Learning all about what do veterinarians do will help you make a decision on a specialty.

How can people find you? (Social media or email)

  • My Email address is Khansohrab506@gmail.com
  • My Facebook Page for Veterinary Makes Me Happy

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