Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine admitted its first class in 2014. This is Tennessee’s second accredited veterinary college. If you are wondering what the Lincoln Memorial University vet school tuition is, in 2020 it was listed at $184,743. The AAVMC website has a cost comparison tool for different vet schools. The non-resident Lincoln Memorial Vet School tuition is a bit less than the tuition at the other Tennessee vet school at U of Tenn.


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If you are thinking about applying to Lincoln Memorial University or one of the other accredited veterinary schools, you will find that they all have different requirements. Some schools require organic chemistry lecture and lab and others just lecture, and then some require organic chemistry lecture and lab for orgo 1 but just lecture for orgo 2.   This book will lay it all out for you in a comprehensive guide.  Check it out here: Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements (VMSAR)


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Name, veterinary school attended, and year that you started.

My name is Charlotte Talbert and I am a second-year veterinary student at Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine (In Tennessee) so I started in the year 2016.


Who are the animals that you currently share your life with?

I constantly have quite a few animals in my house. My personal dogs are a dachshund, Daisy, and a coonhound mix, Lilly. My boyfriend and I also have a cat, Rosie. At Lincoln Memorial University we have a shelter medicine program and we have our own kennel where we bring in shelter animals from the community where we can care for them and learn from them as students.

It is a great program and is a great way to get involved because there are lots of foster opportunities. I foster dogs for our shelter medicine program and also another rescue that I have a good relationship with. So, I constantly have many animals in the house and it is totally doable. You can have pets and appropriately care for them even with the time consumption that vet school may have.


Where did you attend undergrad and what was your major?

I attended Meredith College in North Carolina and my major was a BS in Biology.


At what age did you first apply to veterinary school? 

After I completed undergraduate school, I went on to pursue a Masters degree to better my application for the competition of applying to vet school. So I did not apply to vet school until the year 2015. Fortunately, I did get in on my first try, so that is doable as well!


How many schools/application cycles did you apply to before being accepted?

I was fortunate enough to get in on my first try but I did apply to a bundle of schools. I applied to 8 different schools because I was determined to get in on my first try.


Were you waitlisted at any school?

I was waitlisted at one school and was denied from 6.


How many schools invited you for an interview? 

I was invited for one interview and that was at the amazing Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine. Many schools no longer do interviews which is unfortunate for those who better impress in person. I very much so appreciate the chance to interview.


How many of those gave you an acceptance letter?

I was accepted into one school and it was my number one choice. The interview brought me to visit Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine and I fell absolutely in love with the area, school, students, faculty, and staff.


If you were accepted to more than one school, what were some reasons for your choice of school?

When I left my interview at Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine, I was okay with not getting into my in-state vet school. This was because, if I would have gotten into my state school I would have needed to go there because I would have gotten in-state tuition. But overall, I knew that LMU – CVM was where I belonged.

Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine 

Do you remember any specifically challenging interview questions at Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine?

There were a few interview questions that I think were not the easiest to answer but overall if you take a deep breath and think about your answer, none of them are bad. Don’t over-prepare and memorize responses to any questions because odds are, you won’t have the same one. I do remember a few questions that I was asked. They asked me: What are two questions you would ask someone trying to get into vet school? I told them my response which were the first ones that came to mind and that was

I do remember a few questions that I was asked. They asked me: What are two questions you would ask someone trying to get into vet school? I told them my response which were the first ones that came to mind and that was ultimately because they were the questions that I didn’t want to have to answer. LOL. And of course, they asked me to answer those questions. A few other questions: What would you do if a client couldn’t afford treatment?   What would you do if you were in a group and having to do all of the work?


What was your GPA (in undergraduate)?

Undergraduate GPA: 3.0

Graduate GPA: 3.95

Another LMU student named Kayla had a lower than average GPA for vet school, but Kayla offset that with over 8,000 veterinary experience hours.


What was your GRE score?

I believe it was ~300-350


Which grad school did you attend?

Tarleton State University. I received an MS in Biology.


How many extracurricular activities did you list on your applications?

A lot. I work well by staying busy and active.


Did you have exotic, large, and small animal experience prior to applying to veterinary school? Did you happen to do any pre-veterinary internships?

Yes, I had experience in all of those areas to be a better competitor for vet school. However, most of my experience was in small animal and equine.


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What types of paying jobs did you have before going to veterinary school? Did these help with your Lincoln Memorial University vet school tuition?

I worked in a small animal/ exotics animal hospital since I was 15 years old during the summers between school up until my second year of undergrad. It was then that my mentors suggested I get more large animal experience so I got a job at a boarding/ training barn and worked there for about 2 years while attending school. I then worked for a travel equine vet during the summer before going to graduate school. In grad school, I also worked with our equine therapy program. So I did do whatever I could to jump on any new experience.

 vet tech to vet If going from is the route you want to take then check out Christopher’s interview.


Did you volunteer? If so, where? 

I did volunteer. I have volunteered at a small animal clinic and with the equine therapy program in Texas.


How many people read your personal statement before submitting it?

Anyone I could think of. I had all of my mentors read it, my parents, my friends, my sister. Anyone I thought could give me some advice and feedback.


When did you decide to become a vet?

When I was in fifth grade. I was obsessed with playing doctor my family’s dog and just always had a certain bond with animals that was different than most in my family. I was also very interested in sled dogs and still have the drive to continue my work with sled dogs.


Did you interview any vets before starting the application process? If so how did you approach them? 

Absolutely, I asked all of my mentors to meet with me separately and gathered a variety of questions I found on the internet that were common interview questions for professional school entrance. I discussed every question with them and my response and they helped me with how I responded and also gave me their response so I was able to have a more well-rounded answer and an understanding if there were any different views.


Were you a member of any clubs at your undergraduate school? If so, which ones?

No, but I was an athlete. I played soccer for the first two years of my undergraduate career but decided to no longer play and I pursued more experience for vet school and worked at the equine boarding/ training barn.


Did you join student clubs/orgs at Lincoln Memorial Univerisity College of Veterinary Medicine? If so, which ones? Were they helpful?

Yes, I am very involved in clubs/ organizations at Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine. And they are extremely helpful. They encourage me to build relationships with students outside of my class and also with faculty and staff. My positions give me responsibility and I enjoy that. It also gives me other things to do besides studying all of the time. My positions are as follows (you do not have to do this much LOL):

  • LMU SAVMA – President-elect (President next year)
  • SGA – 2020 Class Representative
  • Behavior Club – 2020 Class Representative
  • LMU Student Ambassador
  • Royal Canin Student Ambassador/ Representative
  • Sled Dog (Billy Idol) Booster Coordinator
  • Companion Animal Club – Vice President


Did you apply to vet school after, or during your Bachelor’s education?

I applied after but during my Graduate Program


Who gave you your letters of recommendation? Did you know them well?

I knew those who wrote my letters of recommendations very well. One was my boss and practice owner of the small animal clinic that I worked off and on for about 10 years. Another was a mentor of mine that I worked with, in that same small animal clinic. I also got my advisors from graduate school to write me letters of recommendation.


Did you find the application process stressful? Why or why not?

I did find it a tad stressful because I was working full time. However, I think the most stressful part was that I was applying to 8 different schools.


Are you happy that you chose this career? What makes you most happy about this career choice?

I am extremely happy that I chose this career. The hands-on work that we get to do at Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine is amazing. It is a great learning experience and a good reminder of why I chose the career. Things like that are great when you may be getting stressed with exams/ studying.


Do you have any advice for students, once accepted?

My advice is to do your best. Don’t compare yourself with other students. You can be a great vet and not make straight A’s in vet school. It is ok not to do well on an exam. Find friends that better you and make good decisions. You don’t always have to study with friends or people at all but if you do study with people who study similar to you. Be kind! Remind yourself how lucky you are to be there.


Any study tips? 

If it’s not working, make a change. Meaning, if you do not do well on an exam you need to figure out where you went wrong. Make changes and you will be able to figure it out. Studying comes first so if you don’t study well with someone then remove yourself from the situation in a kind manner. You can still be friends with someone you don’t study well with.


What have been some of your favorite classes, within your DVM program at Lincoln Memorial University?

My favorite class was small animal anatomy and also physiology in the first year. Right now in the second year, my favorite class is nutrition.


What has been the most challenging class, in your DVM program so far?

The most challenging class in the first year for me was large animal anatomy just because it was not as interesting to me personally as small animal is. I think right now the most difficult class in the second year will be pharmacology.


As a student, did you have to take out loans for your education? If so, are you concerned about the amount of debt you will have after graduation?

I was fortunate enough to not have to take out loans. On the other hand, the little amount of money I do have is stressful because it is a very little amount. This doesn’t leave a lot of spending money for each month. So money no matter in what form is always stressful. My boyfriend has loans and I know there is little stress right now except the knowledge of paying it off later will be stressful.


Is there anything in particular about your DVM program or the school itself that you like?

I love my school. It is focused on the students and it is a new school so things are constantly being bettered for the student and the students’ education. We are also getting hands-on experience, great clinical experience, professional skills, and instructions from day one.


Do you have any advice for students thinking about attending your University?

Do it! Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine is a wonderful school and really focuses on student success and the practical form of education is really highlighted. They want you to graduate and be the best prepared for your clinical work that you can be.


At this point do you think you will have a specialty?

Yes, I have a lot of interests but not completely decided yet. My interests are: radiology/ ultrasound and behavior.


As a student have you had any challenging cases yet?

As a student, I have had the option to see some challenging cases that varied all over the board. There are lots of shelter dogs that we get that have lots and lots of issues that we can work with our faculty and talk about each case. We also are able to do necropsies with our pathologists.


Have you read or listened to anything worth sharing? 

I found this blog to be very helpful.


Do you have any last words of wisdom?

Don’t give up on your dream. If it’s not working, make a change and do something else.


How can people find you? (Social media or email)

You can contact me here:

Facebook: Charlotte Rhodes Talbert


Click this link to see the requirements for LMU.