The Best Veterinary Technician Hoodies

5 Great Ideas for Vet Tech Hoodies!

Show the vet tech in your life gratification and love by getting them a few veterinary technician hoodies. After all they are essential workers! More importantly, veterinary technicians are equal to nurses in human medicine. For this reason please buy a gift like a veterinary technician hoodie for any vet professional in your life. They are often the first and last ones to see your pet during a veterinary visit. Unfortunately, we as a society do not usually appreciate a vet tech enough. 

Whether you are a vet tech searching for that perfect hoodie or just someone who wants to get some gifts for vet techs, this veterinary technician hoodie list is here to help!

The Best Veterinary Technician Hoodies

Our Number One Pick for the Best Veterinary Hoodie!

Vet Tech Hoodie, Distressed Vintage Style Vet Tech Hoodies

Firstly the best thing about this hoodie is that it comes in 5 colors and six sizes. So there is sure to be a right match for every type of person. Additionally, since vet techs get peed on, pooped on, and vomited on, it might be wise to get two hoodies. Hence every vet tech will need a backup hoodie!

Lastly, be aware that the solid colors are 80% cotton, whereas the dark heather is only 50% cotton. 

Vet Tech Hoodie, Distressed Vintage Style Vet Tech Shirt
  • Vet Tech Hoodie, Veterinary Technician Pullover Hoodie. Great shirt for any Vet Technician or Vet Tech Student, in Vet Tech school. Vet Tech Pride. Love Veterinary Techs. Love Vet Tech's shirt.
  • Red Cross with white outline, Paw Print, Vet Tech with medical symbol above the letter V, with Distressed Vintage Style. Show your love for animals and your profession as a Vet Tech. If you're looking for Vet Tech gifts, this Vet Tech shirt is for you.
  • 8.5 oz, Classic fit, Twill-taped neck

Things We Like

  • This veterinary technician hoodie has a  high cotton content.
  • The red cross with the paw print design is so cute!

Things We Don’t Like

  • There are no complaints listed about this hoodie.

A Great Vet Tech Hoodie!

Veterinary Love – Dog and Cat Hoodie

We love everything about this hoodie, including the colors in the veterinary love design!

First and foremost, this zip-up veterinary technician hoodie has a unique and cute design. Do you need a gift for the veterinary professional in your life?  Everyone loves a comfy hoodie, especially after a long hard shift in an animal hospital. More importantly, getting to put on a vet tech hoodie that is soft but made with high-quality fabric is sure to make anyone happy.

A Zip Up Vet Tech Hoodie – Perfect for a Gift!

Vet Tech Gift Veterinary Technician Professionals & Students Zip Hoodie

Uniquely this veterinary technician hoodie comes in 8 colors and five sizes. This particular model has a zipper in the front. I prefer my vet tech hoodies to have zippers so I can easily take them on and off.

Vet Tech Gift Veterinary Technician Professionals & Students Zip Hoodie
  • This design features a dog and cat silhouette with the cute phrase of Vet Tech - Helping Your Four-Pawed Pals Live A Healthy & Happy Life.
  • Unique gifts for veterinary technician professionals or vet tech college student majors.
  • 8.5 oz, Classic fit, Twill-taped neck

Things We Like

  • The variety of colors.
  • The cute design

Things We Don’t Like

  • Keep in mind that it says “machine wash cold,” sometimes we want to put our vet tech hoodies into a hot wash.

Vet Hoodies with a Purpose!

It’s a beautiful day to save a life vet tech hoodie.

When you buy this hoodie, you are helping to support the Not One More Vet organization. As a result, the NOMV organization is there to help any veterinary professionals who are facing a crisis. More importantly, this organization is there to help anyone in the veterinary profession facing depression or suicidal thoughts.

Black veterinary technician hoodie. Its a beautiful day to save a life.

In addition, we love the fact that this vet tech hoodie comes in 5 sizes and eight colors.

Each Vet Hoodie is Unique in it’s Own Way!

Dog and Cat Heartbeat

Firstly the I Love Veterinary brand prides itself on designing veterinary apparel for everyone in the vet med field. They have so many veterinary technician hoodies to choose from, and you will find a style that suits your vet med specialty.

Veterinary technician hoodies in multiple colors. Green vet tech hoodie.

All of the I Love Veterinary Brand vet tech hoodies are by the brand Hanes. Furthermore, comfort is their primary focus. Accordingly whether you wear these to work or put them on after a long hard day of saving animals is up to you!

Lastly, no matter what type of veterinary professional you are, wearing a vet hoodie shows that you have an immense amount of pride in your job!