The Best College Umbrella – We Tried Them!

I have had one too many days in college without an umbrella on hand.  Notably walking around campus in the rain and then sitting in class with wet clothing is not fun. Our top college umbrella picks will be small enough to fit in your backpack. In other words, the best college umbrella is one that is small enough to fit in your backpack, so forgetting it is a non-issue. 

The best college umbrella will be sturdy enough not to break down if you smash it against heavy organic chemistry textbooks. We all know how big the orgo textbook is!

Remember, almost all umbrellas will revert in the wind. More importantly how easy they are to get back into the correct position is essential.

Furthermore this post will break down the best college umbrella, so you don’t have to get wet during classes!

5 Best College Umbrellas 

1. ShedRain WindPro Vented Auto Open Auto Close Compact Umbrella

NOTE: The ShedRain is currently unavailable: Here is a great runner up for the best college umbrella:

LANBRELLA Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella Compact Folding Reverse Umbrella
  • UNIQUE INVERTED FOLDING DESIGH: This upside down umbrella takes a inside-out design. When close it, the wet part will be inside of the umbrella, preventing water from dripping,and it will not get yourself wet when getting in and out of the car. You don't even need to worry about this automatic travel umbrella will wet your floor and mat.
  • SUPERIOR WINDPROOF AND WATERPROOF: This windproof umbrella is flexiable enough to withstand powerful wind without turning inside out. It is fortified with 8 reinforced fiberglass ribs. The cannopy is made of high density 210T waterproof material which makes it good at waterproof function. Besides it is 46 inch arc, you don't have to choose between gigantic windproof umbrellas or tiny ones that cannot provide minimal wind protection.
  • COMPACT, PORTABLE AND EASY CARRYING: This is an upgrade design of the longer reverse folding umbrella, light weight and more easy carry. This reverse umbrella is easy to store in your car, your briefcases, backpacks, tavel bags etc. It is perfect for travel, business, camping, fishing, and daily use. Suitable for men and ladies.
  • CONVENIENT AUTO OPEN/CLOSE IN ONE SECOND: Just push the button once to automatically open and press again to instantly fold the canopy closed. You do not need to wait another second to open the umbrella when you get out of your car in the rain, especially in heavy rainfall, even when your hands are full of things.
  • PERFECT AFTER-SALE SERVICES: 100 Day Riskless Money Back Warranty to make sure we provide good services. If you are not satisfied, EMAIL US FIRST for all customer service need. We will do our best to make sure you receive the best customer service and are 100% happy with your purchase.

Generally speaking, when picking the best college umbrella, you want it to be compact and light. Additionally having a small, lightweight college umbrella that is sturdy enough to carry around but light enough not to add too much extra weight to your backpack is essential.

Manufacturer specs

  • Pattern – solid
  • Frame Material – fiberglass
  • Auto open and close – yes
  • Weight – 1lb

What We Like

  • There is a lock mechanism when it is fully open, so the umbrella won’t collapse and close on you.
  • Lifetime warranty; if the umbrella does not hold up, you can always ask for a replacement, which is worth the price.
  • Considering how compact they are when closed, the Shed Rain college umbrella is quite large when open.
  • Finally, it’s a great price point.

What We Don’t Like

  • It may not hold up to powerful winds. Keep in mind most umbrellas will not.

Totes Makes College Umbrellas That You Can Trust

2.  Totes Titan Automatic Open Close Windproof

totes Titan Automatic Open Close Windproof & Water-Resistant Foldable Umbrella, Black
  • WINDPROOF: Maximum strength automatic open close foldable compact umbrella that withstands winds up to 70mph to prevent inversion.
  • RAINPROOF: Invisible coating on the umbrella canopy allows rain to roll right off for superior water repellency, durability and defense against the elements.
  • AUTO OPEN CLOSE: Easy to use with just one hand. One push of the button opens the button, one push closes it.
  • COMFORTABLE AND COMPACT: Wide tie strap for easy, neat storage with textured, metallic handle for a secure grip.
  • EASY AND DURABLE: 43-inches; folds to compact size of 11-inches. Care instructions: Leave open to dry. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Totes have been making outdoor gear in Ohio since the 1920s. 

Have you left an umbrella in one too many coffee shops, Ubers Lyfts, libraries, and bars? More importantly, the Totes brand is better quality than the cheap one you’ll find in a corner store, but it won’t break the bank. 

All in all the lightweight Totes umbrella has all of the best features of a great college umbrella.

Manufacturer specs

  • Pattern – comes in any design that you want.
  • Frame Material – aluminum
  • Auto open and close – yes
  • Size when folded – 11 inches
  • Weight – 0.875 lbs

What We Like

  • It weighs under 1 pound so that it won’t add a lot of extra weight to your backpack.
  • Compact size.
  • Open and Closes with a push button.

What We Don’t Like

  • In strong winds, it may invert. (just like any umbrella out there)
  • The auto-close feature has issues; after pressing the close button, you may need to assist it in the final closed position manually.
  • The metal framework is sharp.

3 college students walking in  the rain. One holding a best college umbrella!

The Best Expensive Umbrella for College Students

3. DAVEK SOLO UMBRELLA (Classic Black) – Quality Windproof 

DAVEK SOLO UMBRELLA (Classic Black) - Quality Windproof Travel Umbrella with Automatic Open
  • Patented wind-combat frame system is composed of high-grade steel, fiberglass, zinc alloy and aluminum to produce a vastly superior construction than your standard umbrella
  • Beautiful Handle: The zinc alloy handle is plated brushed nickel for protection against corrosion; Features a convenient clip to attach to your belt or hold in place within a bag
  • Super-strong Frame: Davek's Carbon WindFlex Frame?System is reinforced with flexible carbon polymer ligaments and has a solid steel shaft to prevent breakage or rib distortion in strong winds
  • Superior-quality Fabric: Davek umbrellas use a superior-quality microweave fabric with a water-repellent outer coating and a polyurethane inner coating for maximum protection from the elements; Extremely thin and extremely strong

Davek is an NYC company that is known for its strong umbrellas. They are a relatively new company (as of 2005) devoted to making umbrellas that last. If you want a more environmentally friendly umbrella, then stay away from disposable umbrellas and go with a better quality one like the Davek. Keep in mind that if you want the best college umbrella that will last you the entire time you are in college, graduate school, and professional school, then the DAVEK is it. Furthermore, you will probably even have the Davek umbrella for years to come after you graduate.

Certainly don’t worry about losing it or leaving it behind in class; particularly because they have a loss prevention feature. Davek’s lifetime warranty also covers any damage done to it. Even if your new puppy decides to use the umbrella as a chew toy, Davek will replace it! Hence the only thing is you have to pay for shipping, which is nothing when you compare that to the cost of buying a whole new umbrella.

Manufacturer specs

  • Pattern – solid
  • Frame Material – steel
  • Auto open and close – yes
  • Size when folded – 11.75 inches
  • Weight – 1lb 2oz

What We Like

  • Davek has a unique loss prevention feature. If you lose this expensive umbrella, they will allow you to buy another one at 50% off. While it is not free to replace, the feature gives you some security. 
  • It has a frame system that’s primary function is to prevent the wind from turning it inside out.
  • It has a button that will correct it if it reverts in the wind.

What We Don’t Like

  • The plastic tab that holds the leather strap in place causes discomfort for some people.
  • Heavier than expected.
  • If it is very windy, it will invert in the wind.

One of the Best Wooden Handled Umbrellas For College Students

4. Raintrend Compact Windproof Umbrella – A Wooden Handled Umbrella

NEW Premium Large Windproof Double Canopy Umbrella for Rain,Travel Umbrella,Compact Automatic Umbrella,Oversized Umbrella Black Umbrella for Men and Women,Mens Umbrella Compact
  • COLLAPSIBLE UMBRELLA Windproof Double Canopy is well-designed and elegant. Ergonomic wooden handle is of classic style. Size of the large umbrella man is perfect to cover up to 2 people to protect from rain!
  • TRAVEL UMBRELLA is lightweight and handy! Compact umbrella fits perfectly in your briefcase, backpack and glove compartment. Windproof umbrella is ideal for work and traveling. You can easily take your Folding umbrellas for rain with you everywhere you go!
  • COMPACT UMBRELLA AUTOMATIC: all of our umbrellas are ready to withstand heavy duty use. Combination of the finest Dupont Teflon coating 210T, waterproof fabrics and 9 super strong dome ribs, make it a reliable umbrella. Golf Umbrella has a sustainable Automatic mechanism
  • OVERSIZED UMBRELLA BLACK is the best gift idea. The Rain Umbrella is delivered in a gift box, ready to go. Elegant black umbrella will become the best gift to every man!
  • TRAVEL UMBRELLA COMPACT - a LIFETIME replacement warranty policy is what you get with this purchase guaranteed!

Particularly another item that fits into the best college umbrella category is this Raintrend umbrella. In addition, this one is great because it has a unique wooden handle while still being lightweight and compact.  Furthermore, the Raintrend umbrella has ten reinforced metal ribs, whereas most other brands have 8. Additionally having the two extra metal ribs helps support the framework and make it a more sturdy umbrella in high wind areas.

Manufacturer specs

  • Pattern – comes in any design that you want.
  • Frame Material – fiberglass
  • Auto open and close – yes
  • Size when folded – 12 inches
  • Weight – 1 lb

What We Like

  • There are ten framework ribs instead of 8.
  • Sturdy.
  • Excellent price for the quality.

What We Don’t Like

  • The button to open/close it may stick.
  • Smaller in diameter/coverage than anticipated.

Repel Umbrella: A great Collegiate Umbrella

5. Repel Umbrella Windproof, Compact, College Umbrella

Repel Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrellas for Rain - Easy Auto Open Close, Durable & Compact Umbrella, Strong Fiberglass Frame, Waterproof Canopy - Backpack, Purse, Portable, Black Umbrella for Travel
  • High-Quality Travel Umbrella: Our black umbrella for rain is crafted with premium materials, ensuring excellent quality and durability. Perfect for any weather, it's a must-have small travel umbrella for all occasions.
  • Strong and Windproof: Engineered with a double-vented canopy and sturdy fiberglass covered frame, our windproof umbrella withstands strong winds and rain. Ideal for travelers needing a reliable, wind-resistant umbrella.
  • Easy To Use Auto Open Close Umbrella: Our collapsible umbrella features an auto open/close function for convenience. It's lightweight and compact, making it a perfect portable umbrella for travel, purse, backpack or car.
  • Built to Last Durability: This travel umbrella compact offers great value with its durable design and premium features. It's a heavy-duty umbrella that provides excellent protection against rain and wind at an affordable price.
  • Weather Proof and Lightweight: With a waterproof-coated canopy, this small umbrella repels water and provides UV protection. It's lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry and store anywhere

Most college students will like this umbrella, making it one of the best umbrellas for college students.  Be aware that this umbrella works best at keeping one person dry. Additionally, the canopy is not big enough for two. If you plan to use it as a central umbrella for a college student, then it will be more than enough.

Manufacturer specs

  • Pattern – comes in any color that you want.
  • Frame Material – 9 fiberglass ribs
  • Auto open and close – yes
  • Size when folded – 11.5 inches
  • Weight – 0.9375 lb

What We Like

  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Teflon coated fabric.
  • Lightweight.

What We Don’t Like

  • This excellent college umbrella will invert in strong winds.
  • The metal framework holding the fabric becomes rusty with heavy use.

The Different Types of Umbrellas For College Students

  • Umbrellas with unique handles. If you want the umbrella to be aesthetically pleasing, then purchase one with a handle that you like.
  • Manual closing umbrellas. Would you rather open and close the umbrella manually? A manual umbrella eliminates the downside of the automatic button breaking.
  • Automatic open/close umbrellas. Don’t worry about fighting to open and close the umbrella if you purchase one with a push-button.
  • Steel framework umbrellas. What kind of framework do you want? Each best college umbrella on our list comes with a different type of metal for the umbrella ribs.
  • Compact Umbrellas. As a college student who carries heavy books, you want an umbrella to be compact and light—no need to add extra weight to your already heavy book bag.

 5 Benefits Of Using The Best College Umbrella

  • You won’t have to sit in class with wet clothing.
  • Your essential books will be kept dry.
  • If you have sensitive skin, an umbrella can work on sunny days, too, as a UV protector.
  • Keep your hair dry. Nobody wants to walk around campus with a wet head of hair.
  • If you live in a rainy climate or attend school on a Caribbean island, then carrying one at all times will allow you always to be prepared for a rainstorm.

5 Things To Look For In A Good Umbrella for College

  • Does the umbrella offer a lifetime warranty? No matter what the manufacture says, most umbrellas will invert when subjected to heavy winds.
  • What size do you want? Check the size of the umbrella; this will let you know if it will fit in your backpack.
  • Type of handle. Do you want a hooked handle or a flat handle? Wooden, plastic, or metal?
  • A sturdy metal framework that doesn’t rust.
  • Color. If you buy a black umbrella, you won’t be able to differentiate it from the ten other black umbrellas sitting in the umbrella stand. Keep in mind that a more colorful umbrella will help it not get accidentally stolen.

Final Words On The Best College Umbrella

To sum it up, the best college umbrella is one that is lightweight, compact but will keep you and your books dry. While any umbrella on our list is an excellent choice, if you want a high-quality umbrella, choose the more expensive Davek solo. On the other hand, if cost is a factor, go with the Shedrain wind pro; or any other top picks. 

Keep in mind that any umbrella will invert in gusts of wind, so the fact that it reverses does not make it a wrong choice. Particularly how easily it springs back into shape is what counts. However, a warranty can help give you peace of mind that if it does break due to strong winds, the company will replace it.