12 Fun Side Jobs, Side Hustle Ideas for a Veterinarian

12 Fun Side Jobs For Veterinarians

Veterinary school is expensive and many veterinarians are struggling to pay down their student loans. Unusual side hustles can help you earn extra money in your spare time.

Do you need to find a way to earn extra money to pay off student loan debt? How about wanting to save up for a down payment (this is what I did) on a house?  Most of these fun side jobs can be done from home.

More importantly,  each of these unusual side hustles can be done in your spare time. Are you looking for side jobs for veterinarians? Our list of ideas will help!

Side jobs for a veterinarian should be fun and something that you enjoy. Especially if you are already working another job or going to school full time. Therefore you definitely want your unusual side hustle to be enjoyable.

The idea of a veterinarian who went to 8 years or more of school (Learn the answer to “how long is vet school?” here) having to work a side job may seem appalling to some people, however, everyone has different reasons for wanting to take on a side job. Many of these side hustles for veterinarians are temporary and not a job you have to do for the rest of your life.

A virtual veterinary job may just help you reach your financial goals quicker.

Some of these ideas are simple, like Rover. All you have to do is set up a profile. Provided that your profile is unique the pet requests should start coming in. Other ideas might take a little more effort but once you put the initial effort in, you can start earning money with the side job of your choice.

Keep in mind, that if you are just starting on the vet med journey then getting a summer job with animals might help you figure out if veterinary medicine is the path you want to take.

Online jobs, home-based side hustles, and remote veterinary jobs are all legitimate work-from-home options. In addition, these are not scams, but natural ways to earn money from home!

Side hustles for veterinarians do exist, you just need to brainstorm ideas.



A Unique Veterinary Side Hustle as a Pet Sitter


Pet sit through Rover

Basically, I was able to make a lot of extra money for years by being a Rover sitter. In fact, this is something that you can do in your spare time. In general, you make your own schedule and choose whether or not you want to take a dog after you set up a pet meet.

Rover collects all of the money from the clients and pays you after each booking. Similarly, another great thing is that you set your own price for your services. At first, keep your price on the low end. Then when you build up more reviews you can increase your price. This is what I did and it totally paid off!

Pro Tip: if you have already been doing pet sitting for friends and family then you can ask some of them to write you a testimonial. Particularly, having a few reviews to start out will likely get your requests coming in right away.

Above all make sure that you upload a lot of good clear photos. The photos should include various animals having fun in your care. Just check out Rover for yourself here!

Another Idea for Unique Side Hustles: Create Logos for Small Business Owners


Are you a skilled artist or graphic designer? You can sell logos or design business cards for entrepreneurs just starting out. There are so many sites (like Upwork or Fiverr) where you can do this nowadays The more people that see and like your designs the more referrals you will get. This is an excellent side business for anyone who loves to draw or knows how to use Photoshop.

Vaccine Clinics are A Great Veterinary Side Hustle


If you are a working veterinarian with a DVM degree you can easily pick up one shift a week at a local vaccine clinic. The only downside is that you will have to work long hours on the weekend, and it is not a job you can do from home.

However, it will be a steady extra income if you are looking to pay off student loans or save up for a down payment. If you have the motivation to put the hours in, then there is plenty of work available in this field. Most of the vaccine clinics are independent contractor work, they will send you a 1099 form at the end of the year.

Veterinary side jobs - vaccine clinics

Answer Veterinary Questions Online


There is a website called Pet Coach , where you can log on and answer veterinary medicine questions. The site pays $75 cents per question. As you can see it’s not a lot of money, however, the good thing about it is you can do it in your own time.

For example, you can answer a few questions each night and every little bit will add up and help you towards your financial goals. It’s a great side job for veterinarians.

Unique Side Hustles: Working with Animals


Do you love cats? Start a side business cat sitting. Most people that hire you for cat sitting are asking you to come by once a day to feed the cat, scoop the litter, provide playtime, and give the cat company. How do you find people who need cat sitters? Here are a few ideas: word of mouth, start telling friends and family that you are available.

Another idea is to make flyers and start plastering them around your neighborhood. Of course, you can also use social media to get the word out.

Online Surveys are Always an Easy Way to Earn a Little bit of Extra Cash


Do online surveys. Online surveys are definitely not a way to make a significant amount of side income but if you enjoy taking surveys, then why not participate in ones that pay you!

This company PanelPlace.com will provide you with a list of paid survey companies. The one good thing about these online surveys as a veterinary side hustle is that you can do them in your spare time.

Marketplace with the best online survey companies

Teach Others What You Know: Become  A Tutor!


Do you enjoy teaching others? Become a tutor on any topic. Due to COVID, many children are still doing at-home learning. Parents are struggling and some students who normally get straight A’s are struggling. As a result, this is where a tutor can come in handy.

A great tutor is eager to help others learn. Whether you are a teacher, professor, Ph.D. student, or industry professional, you must have something you are an expert in that others want to learn.

The great thing about tutoring as a unique side hustle is that if you really like it, you can go on to become a professional tutor.

You can tutor anything from Japanese to Biology. Are you bilingual? There are so many people who want to learn another language and seek a conversation partner.

Speaking another language with a conversation partner is a must when a  person wants to master another language. If you are fluent in a 2nd language why not put an ad on craigslist, Nextdoor, or FB marketplace advertising your services?

The question is how exactly do you find tutoring jobs? Here are some ideas:

  • Facebook – let your friends and family know that you are available.
  • Put up flyers in your city, or at local colleges.
  • Add your business card or flyer to a coffee shop bulletin board.
  • Craigslist
  • Start a free website and list it on Yelp and Google My Business. Tutor some students for free until you build up reviews and clientele.
  • There are various platforms where you can list your services, like care.com.

Unique side hustles are out there, they may just take a bit of brainstorming!

Whatever you are good at, why not turn your expertise into a unique side hustle? On the one hand, you can earn some extra cash, and another hand you will be helping a student who is struggling. This side hustle is a great way to help others learn about topics that you are an expert in.


Unique Side Hustles: Start a Podcast!


Start a Podcast!

Do you have a unique topic that you are passionate about? To begin with, podcasters earn money through sponsorship and donations. As an example, The Afford Anything podcast by Paula Pant started out as her fun side job.

Now the podcast earns income through sponsorships. Initially, Paula’s podcast started out as a passion project. Afterward her heartfelt need to help people become financially independent kept her podcasting.

There are so many podcasts out there, and they all have a unique spin. There are podcasts on addiction recovery, veterinary medicine, veganism, punk music, and so much more. More importantly, just think of any topic that you love and I guarantee there is a podcast for it.


Necessary Unique Side Hustles – Meal Delivery Apps!


With many countries still experiencing the aftermath of the worldwide pandemic,  the need for restaurant delivery services has become more crucial.  Working for the various meal apps is a quick and easy way to earn extra money.

This unique side hustle allows you to turn on the app whenever you feel like it. There are even veterinarians and doctors who drive for these meal delivery apps. As a result, they earn extra money for their student loans or bills.



Take a Dog for a Jog!


Dog Jogging!

Are you already an avid jogger? Why not earn some extra money by taking someone’s dog for a jog. Recently on the website Nextdoor, I saw someone in my area offering $20 to anyone willing to take their dog on a 45-minute job 1x per week. 

In many cities, there are dog walking companies but very few dog-jogging companies. Since most dogs have so much pent-up energy, taking them for an hour-long jog can be an easy way to earn some extra cash. Taking a dog for a jog is an easy side hustle for a veterinarian, especially if you are already a jogger.

dog and person jogging. Unique side hustle ideas.

There are so many dogs who would benefit from a daily jog. More importantly, getting clients for this particular unique side hustle will be pretty easy.

Dog jogging is truly one to add to our unique side hustles list! Although you may want to get insurance through a pet sitting insurance company. Taking care of other people’s pets is a risky business and being protective allows your clients to know that you take the well-being of their dog seriously. Pet insurance is inexpensive, making it worthwhile to have.

Here are some ways to get your new fun side job noticed.

  • Facebook – let your friends and family know that you are available.
  • Put up flyers in your city.
  • Nextdoor app – let your neighbors know through here that you are available.
  • Add your business card or flyer to a coffee shop bulletin board.
  • Craigslist
  • Start a free website and list it on Yelp and Google My Business. Offer to take a few dogs for a free jog until you build up reviews and clientele.

Another Telemedicine Company That Provides Side Hustles for Veterinarians


Medici is a company that provides telemedicine visits for humans and animals. They have openings for veterinarians who want to earn extra money from home. Medici provides virtual Doctor visits through chat and video.

Pet Poison Hotline Another Great Side Hustle For A Veterinarian


Work from home helping people on the Pet Poison Hotline. Right now in 2022, they have positions open for veterinarians, vet students, licensed vet techs, and veterinary assistants.

I do not think the pay will be enough to sustain you for a full-time job. However, as a way to make more money as a vet tech or veterinarian, it’s a great option.

Final Thoughts On Side Hustles for Veterinarians

In conclusion, there are many ways you can earn extra income. First and foremost brainstorm and write down 10 ideas that you are passionate about. Secondly, research if any of them can be turned into a fun side job or unique veterinary side hustle! Just remember that there is nothing wrong if you want to spend your extra time volunteering at a zoo internship. Side hustles are not for everyone!


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