Does UCLA Have a Veterinary Program?

If you need an answer to “Does UCLA have a veterinary program?” then you are in the right place. UCLA does not have a veterinary program; however, they do have a lot of undergrad majors that can help you fulfill the pre-veterinary requirements.

Furthermore, UCLA has many undergrad programs that can help you get into the veterinary school of your choice. Not only that, but the Pre-Professional Services office will help you with your VMCAS applications.

What Classes Does UCLA Offer for Pre-veterinary Students?

You can take biology, chemistry, statistics, physics, math, microbiology, genetics, cellular biology, and more at UCLA. Additionally all of these classes will help you with your journey to becoming a veterinarian.

How Can the Pre-Professional Services Office Help Me?

The Pre-Professional Services office can help you with your VMCAS application, prepare for the GRE, write personal statements, etc. In particular, the pre-professional office is there to help you every step of the way.

UCLA is a great place to start your journey to becoming a veterinarian. Furthermore they have many resources to help you along the way. So if you are wondering, “Does UCLA have a veterinary program?” the answer is no, but they have everything else you need to get into veterinary school.

UCLA - Does Not Have a Veterinary School
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What Colleges Offer A Veterinary Degree in California?

In California, only a handful of colleges offer veterinary degrees. Some of the vet schools in California include UC Davis and the Western University of Health Sciences. These schools have excellent programs that can help you become a veterinarian. More importantly, if you want to go to veterinary school in California, one of these two schools is your only option.

Vet Schools in California

UC Davis

The veterinary school at UC Davis is known as the top veterinary school in the nation. Generally speaking they have a great program that will prepare you for a career in veterinary medicine. Remember that the competition is high to get into this school, so make sure you have all of your ducks in a row before applying.

Western University of Health Sciences

Located in Pomona, California, the veterinary school at Western University is also a great choice if you want to become a veterinarian in California. They have a well-rounded program that will give you the skills and knowledge to succeed.

They follow the Problem-Based learning model, which is a great way to learn and understand the material. If your ultimate goal is to go to a veterinary college in California, either UC Davis or Western University of Health Sciences are great choices.

Pre-Vet Schools in California

UC Berkelely
Ariel View of UC Berkeley

California is home to some of the best pre-vet schools in the country. If you’re looking for a pre-vet school in California, here is a list of some best.

Remember that even if a school does not officially have a “pre-vet” program, it does not mean that you can’t get your pre-vet requirements done. Each veterinary college has a list of pre-veterinary classes they want you to take before applying through the VMCAS.

Just carefully check all of the veterinary schools you want to apply to and get all of the pre-vet requirements complete. For example, some vet schools require microbiology as a prerequisite, and others don’t.

A List of Some Popular Pre-vet Colleges in CA

The pre-veterinary curriculum includes enterprise classes, which provide students with more chances to work with animals. Furthermore at California Polytechnic State University, you’ll get hands-on experience through the active pre-vet club and animal science program. Overall these practical experiences will lead to real-world readiness when you apply to veterinary school.

Pepperdine is a private University in Malibu, CA. Overall the program provides students with the necessary academic and hands-on experience to succeed in veterinary school.

  • UCLA

UC Davis is consistently ranked as one of the top veterinary schools in the country. While they don’t technically have a “pre-vet program,” the school excels at preparing students for a career in veterinary medicine. You can see some UC Davis vet school requirements here.

Stanford University is a private school in Stanford, CA. More importantly, Stanford University’s pre-vet advisory program is for students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. The program matches students with veterinarians who can mentor them. Furthermore, they also have meetings and lectures all aimed at helping you get into veterinary school.

  • Western University of Health Sciences

Some students who get into Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary medicine start in their undergrad program, but it is not a necessity.

Final Thoughts for “Does UCLA Have a Veterinary Program?”

While UCLA does not have a veterinary program, there are plenty of other colleges in California with pre-veterinary and veterinary programs. If you are looking to get your DVM degree, you’ll want to check out UC Davis or Western.

Don’t forget that California residents can also apply to vet schools in many other states and all of the vet schools in the Caribbean.